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Re: Robinia roots

Subject: Re: Robinia roots
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jul 13 2019 12:42:22
I have observed the same with Robinia - attached a photo of a number of
roots dug out from a block paving driveway. I don't think it has anything to
do with N fixing - that sort of stuff goes on in nodules in the fine roots
doesn't it?


Having found Robinia sprouting under someone's floor boards some time ago I
expect these masses result from tree attempting to sucker but being unable
to. Whether the cell mass could be described as "callus" i.e.
undifferentiated cells can only be determined by a bit of dissection. I
expect a little more complexity will be found.


What to do:


I)                    In the short term just go to the edge of the drive and
cut the roots; I wouldn't start to interfere with the roots beneath the
block paving itself as you will end up trying to relay the block paving,
block by block, to make it flat again. It will end up a mess. Probably
easier to take up the entire block paving, remove the roots found and start

II)                  In the longer term if the tree is not fully grown, you
can anticipate some regrowth of roots. Depending on who owns the tree and
how much someone wants to retain it tree removal is the surest way of
solving this type of problem.




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