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Monetary Value of Minor Damage to Trees

Subject: Monetary Value of Minor Damage to Trees
From: Ivan Button, Crown Consultants
Date: Jul 13 2019 16:03:18
Can anyone point me towards any precedent whereby a diminution in value has 
been ascribed to trees that have been damaged but not written off? Damage 
such as bark wounds and broken branches caused by a neighbours Bobcat for 

Or does anyone have any suggestions as to how a diminution in value might be 
ascribed to a mature tree with a small bark wound that is likely to heal in 5 
years or so (for example), or a larger one that might heal over in 10 or 20 
years but not without some decay setting in, or to a branch that should be 
removed as a consequence of the damage.

I know that CAVAT, Hellliwell and itrees can be used to calculate the value 
of a tree. I also know that a value can be attributed to the work necessary 
to replace a tree or to prune out damaged branches. But what about damage to 
part of a tree; damage that does not really require additional maintenance 
costs; damage that might not even shorten the life expectancy; but damage 
that upsets the aggrieved owner of the tree none-the-less.

How might a court value such damage?

Any suggestions and pointers will be greatly appreciated.


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