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RE: Conservation Area Notifications - Keeping the register

Subject: RE: Conservation Area Notifications - Keeping the register
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jul 24 2019 17:05:24
it would be easy enough to provide using GIS, 

because you just use the parameters of the TPO and ask the GIS system to 

report for all TPO applications, assuming they have a searchable prefix or 

suffix to the application/notification number, which most Councils use



But that is not a register!


If it was something you had to do ad hoc and rarely I would agree. However,
a register provides an overview that is not provided by asking & answering
individual questions or queries. And if I asked you questions for several of
your TPOs at once (or all of them!) you might regret saying it is "easy". 


Data storage is cheap; if  you have the information electronically why bin




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