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Battery v. fuel powered chainsaws

Subject: Battery v. fuel powered chainsaws
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Jul 25 2019 09:40:28
A close friend of mine works for a firm that are exploring business
opportunities with Husqvarna, battery powered chainsaws in particular. 


They would like expert opinions to validate some of the company's claims. 


With exception to processing my own firewood and knocking over the odd small
tree for family and friends, my contracting days expired long before the
birth of battery powered saws, so I cannot help. 


I am aware that there are many reviews online, but my friend's firm would be
interested in speaking directly to any arb or forestry contractors who have
been using these saws with an unbiased view of the pros and cons. 


If any of you are willing to help, please can you forward me your contact
details (off forum) so that I pass them on to my friend. 


Many thanks, 


Jonathan Astill


Astill Treecare Ltd

07717 XXXXXX         




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