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Chalara - slightly heartening news re felling trees.

Subject: Chalara - slightly heartening news re felling trees.
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Jul 26 2019 13:44:20
Dear all,

Having had so much conflicting observations and advice re felling infected
Ash, I  had the opportunity on one of the estates whose trees I look after,
to fell one as a trial.

The tree was ~20m high, 30cm dbh, in a stand of Ash in a woodland (ideal Ash
ground, limey soils, Ransoms grow under them  in spring) (sorry, wild
garlic). The whole stand (2 acres) has Chalara dieback. 

This one was well over 40% crown loss (see attached picture). It was in the
right place to fell onto a hard forest ride- laid with Type1/803 some years
ago, and very hard in this weather. I felled it by boring in behind the dip,
leaving a very narrow hinge, and then cutting back, so that the hinge would
let go asap. It fell unimpeded, and heavily, on to the ride. The was no
breakage of the stem and major branchwood, which all looked sound, with that
nice pinky beige of fresh-cut Ash, when snedded and cross-cut. The only
fragile branches were those in the upper canopy, 50mm or less diameter,
where there was a clear change in wood colour to dry grey sleepy wood.

                So in future, we are going to be trying to fell ash (where
there is a significant target) once they show clear signs of dieback, but
before they get to the stage of mostly dead with a few puffs of epicormic

Hope this is a useful pointer.  One swallow doesn't make a summer, but the
fragility was nowhere as bad as on trees that had almost completely died
back; and I'd have been willing to climb one in that state, as long as I
stayed on the stem and major limbs as attachments.



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