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Red-belted Clearwing moth

Subject: Red-belted Clearwing moth
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jul 29 2019 08:32:24
Anyone have any experience of the damage caused by this otherwise rather interesting moth? They are on an old apple tree in a historically interesting orchard- The owner writes:

"one of our apple trees (is) infested with red-belted clearwing, Synanthedon myopaeformis. I managed to get a picture of a late straggler before it took flight or we’d have struggled to work out was going on. There are lots of empty cocoons sticking out from the bark and a lot of the bark is breaking away. Clearly the larvae have done a lot of damage below the bark.
Any thoughts on how best to treat this to save the tree?"

The best I can say is try to increase the tree's general vigour.
Any more helpful suggestions?

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