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Re: 5 Needle Pine ID? Pic 3 Needles

Subject: Re: 5 Needle Pine ID? Pic 3 Needles
From: Tahir Sharif
Date: Jul 29 2019 08:50:00

I'm in SE Essex in England, I have a spreadsheet of nut pines that I've assembled from various sources over the years, according to that P monticola is not hardy in the UK. No idea where I got that from.

So, monticola should do fine here by the sounds of it.

My parents were from Punjab (India/Pakistan) so the pine nut we're  most familiar with is the chilgoza P. gerardiana, beautiful long nuts that are tasty and easy to crack between fingers.


On 27/07/2019 00:46, Wayne Tyson wrote:
Hi Tahir,

Can you be more specific about the hardiness? Do you mean to temperature?
Or? I worked in P. monticola country (where low winter temperature are
common), mostly with P. lambertiana, in the late fifties and early sixties,
the range of which does not extend as far north as P. monticola, which
extended into British Columbia while the former is more restricted to more
southerly latitudes.

Judging by your name, do you happen to be in Turkey? I was there in the
early sixties and enjoyed observing and hunting in the northeast. Please
pardon me if I am being presumptive.


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