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Monetary Value of Minor Damage to Trees

Subject: Monetary Value of Minor Damage to Trees
From: Ivan Button, Crown Consultants
Date: Jul 30 2019 12:04:24
A belated thanks to all that replied. I have on paternity leave since posting 
thanks to the successful birth of yet another beautiful baby daughter on the 
19th. Hence the delay.

Now I must return to this somewhat tiresome task that I wish I had not 
embarked upon. 

It has been useful to hear others thoughts. I believe that the best I can do 
is suggest a couple of valuation options (Helliwell and Cavat -  I was 
thinking); to calculate a value before and after damage (in the cases of the 
most minor damage there will be no difference since the longevity and 
condition of the tree is unaffected); where possible, to estimate what 
portion of the tree has been affected (e.g. in the case of a small branch 
circa 1/500th), to estimate approximately how long it will be before bark 
wounds heal over, to make a judgement as to whether  the larger bark wounds 
will heal over with little/no further consequences or whether decay is likely 
to develop that will affect the Safe Useful Life Expectancy; and to calculate 
the cost of replacing the worst damaged trees (including maintenance costs 
such as watering, adjusting ties, periodic inspection and formative pruning). 
That should give the court enough information/ammunition to determine 
reasonable costs for damage done. My fear is that I may be creating more 
questions than answering.... and we haven't even started on the potential 
impact of soil compaction and cement contamination! Neither of which have 
been properly investigated. I believe the best I can do here is provide an 
estimate for the cost of appropriate soil amelioration (such as a local 
authority might expect had such soil damage occurred on a building site 
(which this particular site was)).

Once again, thanks for sharing thoughts.



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