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RE: OPM Telegraph article

Subject: RE: OPM Telegraph article
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Jul 30 2019 14:40:15
 Or HMG stop the import of Oak trees into the UK..


All you Brexiters will love this...because OPM is already here it would be
illegal to prevent the import of oak into the already infected area (i.e.
London and parts of SE England). Yes you read that correctly.  Some of the
recent imports of infested oak have been planted within the infected area.
What is being done with them? Nothing.


Furthermore, I spoke to one plant health inspector who did not like my use
of the word "import" when I mentioned bringing trees in from Europe. Such
trade was not regarded as an import - that's why it's so difficult to get
government stats on such trade.


Now  you have settled you might find it hard to fathom that the rules won't
change when we leave the EU but it will mean we won't need to go to Brussels
to argue the case for import restrictions. But the same or similar rules
will apply as they are international plant health rules.




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