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Re: Availability of sunshine

Subject: Re: Availability of sunshine
From: chris skellern
Date: Aug 01 2019 10:12:23

 Hi Julian
Just blew the dust from my copy. Also found a folder of sun on ground 
indicators (transparent template things) which have never been used! C1/SfB 
I can scan the 7 relevant pages but not sure about scanning the whole thing! 
Out of the 28 pages, 21 are just appendix tables of mind numbing data.
Let me have your email and will send a pdf
Chris Skellern 
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    On Thursday, 1 August 2019, 10:08:27 BST, Julian Morris 
<> wrote:  
 Does anyone have a copy of "Availability of sunshine" (CP75/75 - AP 155) by 
BRE (01-Jan-1975) that I could have a look at? It is referenced in 
BS5837:2012 (Clause 5.2.2) but was withdrawn by BRE and is not available to 
buy, even from BRE. I don't need to HAVE a copy, i would just like a flick 
through it to confirm it says what I think it says. Any help appreciated.

As a separate question, how many consultants doing 5837 reports present the 
shadow segments in their tree constraints reports? Personally I do not do it, 
I offer it as a service (or full BS8206 daylighting assesments), no-one has 
ever asked for it and no-one has ever protested that I haven't included it in 
my reports.

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