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Study week in Germany courtesy of Grampus Heritage

Subject: Study week in Germany courtesy of Grampus Heritage
From: Bettina Broadway-Mann
Date: Aug 06 2019 09:46:39
Morning All,
vaguely tree related, but I just wanted to highlight the placement
opportunities available through this organisation:

I've just come back from an all expenses paid week long study tour in the
former East Germany near Leipzig, with a special thanks to Michelle Ryan
from Women In Arboriculture for making me aware of it in the first place.

We had a fully packed seven days, with trips including looking at a peat
marshland restoration project, the giant war memorial in Leipzig, a
commercial charcoal maker,  the main water treatment works for the region,
a wood carving festival, Wittenburg of Martin Luther fame, Colditz, the
lakes that were once open cast brown coal sites and the machinery there of,
a boat trip to see the restored waterways in Leipzig, and local woodlands.

Not to mention lots and lots of food and friendly people.

As far as I can see, they still have places for Bulgaria and Finalnd later
this year, and if the UK stays in the EU, we will be eligible to take part
in the next 2 year round of placements.

They also organise student placements in partnership with ERASMUS, as there
was a group of 8 British students that we joined up with for the week -
they are still there for the next 3 weeks doing local work placements
involving conservation work etc.

Anyway, if you would like to hear more about it, feel free to contact me
off forum.

All the best,

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