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Re-stocking Notices

Subject: Re-stocking Notices
From: ""
Date: Aug 06 2019 10:49:40
Dear collective,

I've been asked to help someone who's felled 46 Oaks (ranging from sapling to 
early mature) in a woodland.
Rather than prosecute, the Forestry Commission are going to issue a 
re-stocking notice.
I've never dealt with one of these before and have a few questions:

Is there a formula for calculating how many trees need to be re-planted, or 
is it usually on a tree-for-tree basis?
What size replacement trees usually need to be planted?

Do they need to go in the same place, or can they be scattered around the 
Do the replacement tree species have to be the same as felled, or can other 
natives be planted?

Any help greatly appreciated,



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