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Subject: Re: uktc Digest Wed, 07 Aug 2019
From: Mark Hudson
Date: Aug 08 2019 08:27:32
other forum members have already given good advice on this, just to expand slightly

FC are likely to require a minimum of 1111 trees/ha (equivalent to 3m as Jim says) but these neednt be a regimented 3x3; they are likely to require native species, and a "robust mixture" of several will probably be preferred - carefully bear in mind provenance (good info here and on suitable species etc via the FC ESC4 (ecological site classification) system/website on line

denser stocking than 1111/ha is preferred if your client wants to grow good quality timber

they may even accept up to 20% component conifer as a nurse species

and, to repeat the sound advice, keep in touch with your local woodland officer



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