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Re: RPA offset for ploughing

Subject: Re: RPA offset for ploughing
From: foxpaw123
Date: Aug 12 2019 10:28:10
From observation a number of things:Agricultural land with hedgerows and 
trees. Root patterns can be linear, following the hedgerow. This along with 
adjoining cultivation can lead to constant disturbance of soil to 60 cm. 
This means that any surface roots are non existent out with the field buffer 
zone. Species with deep roots (tap roots) would be less effected.What also 
needs to be considered is the plough pan which depending on soil type can be 
pretty hard for roots to penetrate.....therefore any roots would be within 
the cultivation layer if not for disturbance.Forestry has been blighted by 
deep ploughing where once again root patterns are linear, following the 
plough furrow and very rarely crossing it. Has led to swades of lovely Sitka 
spruce being blown over due to root instability and the storm direction 
coming side on to the furrow.When hand draining ploughed/t+m trees, this 
linear pattern was quite obvious especially in the turf and mound days 
clearing out the drains.Modern forestry tends to avoid any ploughing and 
uses other cultivation techniques where possible. I have made the case that 
RPA's should not be strictly adhered as in the case of ploughed fields 
above.Made as part of 2 planning applications,  certainly 1 , if not 2 have 
been successful. CheersDavid(Auld Kent)Sent from my Samsung Galaxy 
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UK Tree Care <> Subject: Re: RPA offset for 
ploughing How would you argue that one? "Oh the tree's used to root damage 
cos it'shad roots ploughed off regularly...." I think that's misinterpreting 
whatthe guidance is trying to achieve Mike.On Mon, 12 Aug 2019 at 10:20, AV 
Arboriculture <> wrote:> Has anyone ever come across 
instances of reducing a tree's root protection> area because of ploughing 
activity? If so, have they been justified, or can> it be justified?>> Mike 
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