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Trees for timber

Subject: Trees for timber
From: Tahir Sharif
Date: Aug 14 2019 10:51:24
I'm thinking of planting a few hundred mixed (up to 500ish) trees for timber, requirements for the timber:

Usable crop within 100 years
Interesting and beautiful timber

And for the trees:

Able to thrive on solid clay and very little care
Available as bare root whips
Interest in foliage and/or bark through the seasons

Trees that we have in abundance and good health at ours are:

Silver Birch
Small leafed lime
Sweet Chestnut (the ones that survived the phytopthera)

There's surprisingly little maple or cherry, I don't want to plant cherry as we already have huge issues controlling fruit fly. There are plenty A campestre and other maples in the village, so I guess there should be some acers in there.

I would plant heartnuts as they're a really good looking tree which allegedly has a timber comparable to walnut but not as dark (and they've done well here) but they're not going to be available as whips.

For context this is on a south facing slope and will be in front of a narrow strip of woodland that is mostly hornbeam and oak with a bit of elder and hawthorn.

All suggestions welcome, native or exotic.


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