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Re: Treegator irrigation bags

Subject: Re: Treegator irrigation bags
From: Wayne Tyson
Date: Oct 08 2019 04:42:04
The best thing I've used along this line is a kind of plastic pipe that is
micro (so roots can't get in) porous, set at 1.5 x the capillary radius in
depth and the same distance from the edge of the root ball, and one or more
additional ones at 2x, depending upon the soil and where future roots will
be. They can be even deeper where you want a dry surface or near-surface
dry zone to minimize weed growth, and, of course, it depends upon the
climate. This will work under pavement, in which case you want at least 2x
below the base material. One must calculate the volume according to the
tree's water demand (transpiration rate). It is very s l  o   w. Also
calculate the perc and output rate to get water to the depth the tree
wants. In some cases, vertical installation (sump holes) might be better to
ensure getting deep roots.

I don't know whether or not this product is still on the market. It wasn't
too popular, mainly because of lazy minds and bodies who didn't like the
work involved.


On Mon, Oct 7, 2019 at 1:42 PM Koeser,Andrew <> wrote:

Hey Matt,

We use them here in Florida where irrigation is nearly essential to
establish trees of the size used for most plantings. We have hot weather,
very sandy soils, and a dry season that makes spring very challenging for

I never did a study on them, but from experience we have never lost a tree
since using treegators (no connection to the University of
Florida...despite the name). I think the best thing about them is it makes
it easy to give watering directions. We had inmate crews doing the watering
and it proved pretty foolproof.

Make sure to mulch past the bags as mowing equipment will destroy them in
quick order. Ants tend to love the area beneath the bag. Makes it
interesting here as they tend to be fire ants so you have to be quick and
careful when filling them up or you will be covered in burning blisters.

Another product that is a bit new is called the tree diaper. On of the
creators also made a new hydrogel (originally used in disposable diapers),
hence the somewhat unusual name. This product is a donut shape just like
the tree gator jr. It is really promising in that it can be recharged by
rainwater (rewetting the gel). Also, if hit by mowing equipment, it isn't
going to dump all the water through a gash in the side of the bag.

Take care,


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Hi Everyone,

Apologies if this question has already been asked.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of whether the treegator
watering bag is effective, and if establishment is any better? My concern
would be a relatively small area, mostly around the root collar, only being
watered, and that the cost benefit ratio is actually worthwhile?

Any real world experience would be appreciated!



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