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"Not controlled when printed."

Subject: "Not controlled when printed."
From: Bill Anderson
Date: Oct 11 2019 13:01:47
What ho,
while considering the use of language, the above phrase is stuck in the
footers of numerous reports that cross my desk. Not least by my much
younger co workers, who I suspect do it because Dave Dowson told em to.
However upon discussing the topic with Paul Elcoat he tells me there are
good reasons for it, although he then failed to give me any that, or at
least any that I can recall or seemed compelling.

As far as I can tell, pointing out that anybody can print out a PDF in full
or partially, and that there may or may not be subsequent modified versions
of the report is to state the bl**din obvious so it's therefore pointless
and just adds clutter to something that is probably sufficiently cluttered

Anybody got any thoughts on the topic?


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