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Subject: EIA
From: Sean Davies
Date: Nov 05 2019 07:42:52
Good morning, just had an interesting request come across and was wondering 
if anyone else had experience of this.

For both a TPO application - (a row of laylandii) an environmental impact 
assessment has been requested/intimated at being needed.

Minor development - refurbishment of derelict building to single dwell house. 
 Not a big site, no clear indicators from walking the site but there are bats 
etc. in the area.

Both are not major impact development, I'm aware that species are protected 
separately so with or without permission if disturbed a criminal offence has 
I just don’t want to put a resident through a reasonable expense and delay to 
a potential application without good reason and a sound legislative backing.  
Yes I'm going to run it through our legal but as with everything people want 
answers yesterday.

So I was wondering out there in tree officer world is anyone else running 
this as standard for minor apps and TPO apps ?

Sean Davies

Arboreal officer

Neighbourhood Services

T: 01623 XXXXXX


Mansfield District Council

Hermitage Lane Depot,




NG18 5GU

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