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Tree Anatomy workshop

Subject: Tree Anatomy workshop
From: Mike Ellison
Date: Nov 06 2019 20:59:58
Just sounding out interest for another Tree Anatomy workshop next year. In 
August, Mark Hartley and Cath Russo came over from Australia to present their 
3-day workshop at Cardiff University. The event exceeded all expectations for 
the participants, with the microscopy and Mark's skill and enthusiasm putting 
the inner workings of the tree into a new perspective.

We have had some great feedback and would like to organise another if there 
is sufficient interest to fill all of the places. If you are interested, 
email Diane at and we will send details to you when they 
are available.

ALL profit will go to Lynn Boddy's research into Decay in Standing Trees. 
This year, we were able to donate £2600.

Mike Ellison

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