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Re: Writing Standards

Subject: Re: Writing Standards
From: Julian Morris
Date: Nov 08 2019 12:35:15
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This Standard was normatively referenced as indispensable for the
application of a more recent Standard BS8596 (Trees, bats etc...) which
said something like "If the proposed development has the potential to
result in the destruction of roosts or the disturbance of bats, surveys
should be provided as part of the planning process in accordance with BS

But since ecologists doggedly refuse to stick to either Standard and
prefer the Bat Conservation Trust guidance,a nd since my bat scoping
surveys are based on the BS microguide which makes no reference to 42020,
personally I have decided not to reference it, never mind to attempt to
follow its procedures. Some of it might have international application
but a lot of it is very specific to the British, and even more
particularly the English, planning system and law. The references to this
in the standard are a bit out of date.

For members of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, a the Standard
points out the Code of Professional Ethics might oblige its members to
work to the Standard in any relevant habitat reporting etc.

For the humble BS5837 survey, I see no need for 42020 procedures, as the
requirement for supporting information have usually been prescribed by
the planning authority, and start and stop with BS5837. That said, 8596
obliges 5837 to take account of bat habitat in any trees and in turn 8596
obliges compliance with 42020. The link is there but it's tenuous and
pointless to pursue unless expressly obliged to do so.

I'm happy to stand corrected by anyone who has had actual experience of
using 42020.

Julian A. Morris - Professional Tree Services and
0778 XXX XXXX - 0141 XXX XXXX

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Subject: Writing Standards

Does anybody use this standard for writing reports? Can you contact me
my email please.
BS 42020:2013Biodiversity. Code of practice for planning and
Michael Richardson B.Sc.F., BCMA
Ontario MTCU Qualified Arborist
Richardson Tree Care


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