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Re: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: Re: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: Bill Kowalczyk
Date: Nov 25 2019 11:57:15
Hi David 

I’ve only done a couple of these, although they were on private estate roads 
where speed or other traffic wasn’t any kind of issue.

Nevertheless, it’s often easy to spot some significant concerns even driving 
at 70mph on a motorway, so long as the trees are far enough apart that they 
stand out.  

However, if you’re driving through a densely wooded area (eg. Ampfield 
Straight Mile down here, see: 
<> ) I doubt that 5mph would be slow enough to 
reasonably spot what’s going on, and it would make YOU the potential hazard 
to road users!

So I’m not at all sure how you can be prescriptive in writing a protocol.  
But from my experience I'd certainly recommend the advantages of driving a 
convertible :o)



On 25 Nov 2019, at 09:58, David Evans <> wrote:

A driver and a spotter.  Both sides of the road driven.  At what speed do
you reckon a windshield/drive-by should be carried out to pick up 'Obvious

For example, is driving at around 30mph going to reveal significantly less
obvious defects than driving at about 10mph?  Or significantly more obvious
defects than driving somewhere close to 50mph?

If you had to choose a speed limit, what would it be?

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