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RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: David Evans
Date: Nov 25 2019 20:05:22
<<It seems to me to be like scanning one side of a two sided piece of paper 
and believing that you know the whole story.>>

Hi David

There's no belief that they know the whole story.  The design is that one 
side of paper will be scanned at speed.

The context is Tasmania's Depart of State Growth has about 3700 miles of 
roads and millions of trees.  Trees provide many benefits that they need, and 
the overall risk from tree failure is extremely low.  Given this, to have a 
look at the back of every tree that could fall onto the highway is not 
reasonable, proportionate, or reasonably practicable tree risk-benefit 
management.  To do so might bankrupt the state government, or mean they 
couldn't provide many other important services.  The design is that they're 
trying to find 'obvious defects'.  To try and find defects that aren't 
obvious by looking at the back of each tree would be grossly disproportionate 
to the likely reduction in overall risk.


Acer Ventura

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