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Re: Tree hazard potential assessment study Tree cavity work?

Subject: Re: Tree hazard potential assessment study Tree cavity work?
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Nov 27 2019 10:51:36
As you say, it's very long and I've not listened to most of it, but what exactly is the PURPOSE of filling a cavity? It adds nothing to the strength and as Simon says, removes a bit of valuable habitat. There seemed to be something about 'giving the tree a surface to grow over', which surely is precisely the wrong thing to do. Rolls of wound wood are much stronger than 'normal' tissue and would add far greater strength than a much thinner layer of tissue growing over a flat surface. Besides which, preventing air circulation within the cavity is likely to promote decay which, of course, one can't monitor once it's sealed behind layers of foam, cardboard and wire mesh. I also wonder about the chemicals used in these foams and the vapours produced as they cure - methylene-diphenyl-diisocyanate 4,4 doesn't /sound /all that pleasant. (It's also highly flammable) These guys are obviously well meaning, but in the end it seems to be much more about people needing things to be tidy and to DO something, because of course the poor ole dumb tree can't look after itself.

On 27/11/2019 05:55, Wayne Tyson wrote:

May I have your comments please? It's longer than necessary; I just jumped
over a lot of it.


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