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RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: David Evans
Date: Nov 29 2019 08:58:26
<<Maybe the internet access is not that good in Tasmania>>

Hi Jeremy

Ironically, I didn't receive this for a couple of days because I've been 
checking out some tree risk-benefit management for Tasmanian Parks, and the 
internet access was beyond 'not that good' most of the time.  It was 

Naturally, I'm very familiar with all of your links, but thanks for sharing 
in case some might not have been aware of the wider context.   However, the 
answer to the question I asked about the windshield/drive-by speed limit 
isn't answered in your reply.

<<...and involves a vehicle being driven at low speed...>>

A 'low speed' would likely mean 10 different speeds to 10 different people.  
Worse still, if one of 'your obvious defects' was missed and a risk realised, 
then it's all too easy to claim (with hindsight bias) that the assessor 
wasn't driving at a low enough speed.

Unfortunately, like your 'Briefing Note on UK Summer Branch Drop', your 
guidance, and the LANTRA course you helped design, doesn't pass muster on 
three key tree risk-benefit management criteria, because.

1) It's not reasonable
2) It's not proportionate
3) It's not reasonably practicable

This isn't just my view either.  It's increasingly coming from risk experts, 
duty holders, and highways/roads managers both in the UK and abroad.


Acer Ventura

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