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No dig cellular confinement solution/pile and beam

Subject: No dig cellular confinement solution/pile and beam
Date: Dec 03 2019 10:46:01

     Would appreciate advice/comment 

I have a site where a pile and beam solution has been recommended within the
RPA of a lime tree (developers original arb report) for construction of a
dwelling, the construction team will require access to the RPA to
facilliatate works so ground protection will be required in this case due to
type of works  cellular confinement is likely to be the best option as
opposed to mats (contractors normal choice). I wonder if anyone has
experience of this being left in place in the void  under   block and beam
or should it be removed, obviously as far as long term structural integrity
is concerned a structural engineer will be consulted by the construction
company. Any comments welcome.



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