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Climate Emergency

Subject: Climate Emergency
From: Tim Errington
Date: Dec 03 2019 20:06:34
Good morning/evening all.

Like a number of other local authorities and governments around the world, my 
particular council has announced a climate emergency. I am currently working 
on updating our tree strategy though this will likely take some time, 
therefore I am interested to hear if any local authority tree 
officers/arborists have used such a declaration to strengthen their position 
and if so how. I'm thinking along the lines of a moratorium on the removal of 
all trees growing on council land unless the removal is safety related. Such 
a move would strengthen my argument when faced with residents requesting that 
a particular tree be removed due to causing a nuisance.

All comments welcome (unless it includes drive or cycle by assessments!).

Cheers, Tim

Tim Errington  |  Arboricultural Officer  |  Parks and Open Spaces

Queenstown Lakes District Council

P: +64 3 450 1715 | M: +64 21 1XX XXXX



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