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Really shit work? Bodily becoming and the capacity to care for the urban forest

Subject: Really shit work? Bodily becoming and the capacity to care for the urban forest
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Dec 04 2019 18:52:12


I'll buy a beer for anyone that can tell me in reasonably concise language
what the Abstract of this paper is trying to say; to save you having to
click on the link here it is:


The urban forest has a significant impact on the city's social and
ecological performance. However, shrinking space and resources needed to
care for trees means cultivating community care for the urban forest is an
increasingly salient issue. To this end, the paper seeks to deepen our
understanding of the powers shaping people's capacity to care for trees. It
identifies the body as one of these powers and turns to Deleuze and Guattari
for a theory of corporeality that illuminates the body's role in the process
of becoming a 'bushcarer'. This highlights the trans-corporeal practices and
encounters that endow people with the skills and desire needed to care for
the urban forest. With the ethical utility of the body being debated by
social and cultural geographers, this article defends its potential by
suggesting the body and its encounters are deeply implicated in the
development of a dyadic capacity to care for the urban forest. For urban
forestry, this means community engagement might be framed as an ethical
event that facilitates experiments in bodily composition that might change
our ways of thinking, feeling, and being with the urban forest.


Frankly, I don't think I'm going to make any effort to read further. The
title grabbed my attention but all that shows is the power of a headline.

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