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RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 05 2019 19:34:42
<<David it is quite embarrassing and you denigrate yourself and your work 
with the continued hostility, innuendos, and claims of other's ignorance.>>

Hi Michael

But you're quite comfortable doing it yourself?  Like you've just done here 
with this passive-aggressive projection.

I agree, It's great to debate subjects, but after our exchanges when it's got 
to the point that you're posting this...

<<It seems to me that 5 year inspections as David keeps talking about is as 
arbitrary as  6 years, though he now admits it is a suggestion only and 
perhaps a place holder in his Tree Risk Management Strategy.>>

When I'm not talking about inspections.  Demonstrably, 5 years is not as 
arbitrary as 6 years.  And the clear implication in, "though he now admits", 
is that that I had previously been deliberately misleading.  And that's just 
one sentence before we get to, "is easily challenged in court", as your 

If after politely and patiently going through it with you (my first two 
replies), I'm then having to endure this kind of hostility, innuendo, and 
claim of ignorance being publically raised about the credibility of my work, 
then at least let me have some fun dealing with it.


Acer Ventura

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