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RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: RE: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 10 2019 20:39:17
<<Can't you keep it friendly and unoffensive? It's not funny anymore, 
especially from a site moderator in a public forum. Similarly the endless 
product placement.>>

Hi Simon

Well, that's not a very friendly post :-)

As you've called me out as a Moderator, then perhaps I should do my job and 
point out that these kind of completely off topic, entirely ad hominem posts 
aren't really what we're after.  Seriously, if your concerns are genuine, 
then don't bother the inbox of 600+ others with something that's got nothing 
to do with the subject header or trees, and they're probably not interested 
in.  If you think my efforts at humour to highlight absurdity - in response 
to Julian's ridiculous numberwang that tried to demonstrate the Tasmanian 
Government could save one negligence fatality a year on the highway by 
spending £200K - are so offensive then report it to the UKTC owner.  Other 
moderators are also available (this post aside, I don't intervene on threads 
I'm involved in as a Moderator because I'm bound to be biased).

For reasons of balance, you might also want to declare your own vested 
interests here as a longstanding QTRA affiliate, and QTRA trainer.  Along 
with the fact that you and Julian Morris are happy to disparage VALID as 
'QTRA Lite', and talked up keeping QTRA 'ahead of the game' in light of my 
work.  It's not the first time you've posted something like this since I 
moved on, and people can then make their own minds as to whether all this is 
part of that game.  I don't recollect you posting anything alleging that I 
was unfriendly, offensive, not funny anymore, or product placement when I was 
a leader of your tree risk tribe.


Acer Ventura

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