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Re: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit

Subject: Re: Windshield/Drive-by | Speed Limit
From: Wayne Tyson
Date: Dec 15 2019 04:57:53
Hi David,

We are all, I trust, different. Not better or worse, just different. And in
different stages of development.

I believe that all mature minds are in a continuous process of some sort of
"re-calibration" as you put it. As Margaret Mead once put it, "the most
important thing to know is what you don't know."

I am not interested at all in "pay-dirt" (is there an irony here?). I am
interested in *engagement*. I have nothing to "sell," and I certainly have
no intention of persuading. "Persuasion is violence." (attributed to

I am interested in issues, not personalities. That is, my comments have
nothing to do with you or anyone else. But how can anyone possibly be
*offended* by the expression of an idea with which one does not agree? Is
that not a teaching opportunity? You, or anyone, might, if you care,
endeavor to explain just what is offensive about the study of tree failures
in the quest of learning more about what factors brought them about.
Perhaps I misunderstand.

If you will cite *specific* passages I have written that have offended you,
I will be happy to consider being "re-calibrated." However, I can't deal
with vague generalities. I *invite* specific criticism because I learn from
it. I *have* learned from it. But I do not indulge, nor indulge in,
personal attacks composed of zero intellect.


On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 11:25 PM David Evans <>

<<Was my Dec 5 post considered out of order?>>

Hi Wayne

Probably ;-).  If it had 'hazard potential' in the subject header, or
mentioned hazard, or that tree risk assessment begins with a tree
inspection, then I'd have considered it offensive and unfriendly.  It's
nails down a chalkboard stuff to me.  But that's just fine because I'm only
talking about myself, and I wouldn't pretend to represent what 600+ others
think (who I mostly don't know).  The way I respond your heinous crimes is
simply not to respond.  Of course, I've got no problem with you posting
them, and it looks like some others seem happy to contribute; at least some
of the time.

<<but am often puzzled by the lack of response to what I consider a
relevant post.>>

I don't know whether this might help.  Even allowing for the hazard/risk
thing, I sometimes glance at your posts and simply don't understand them.
If you think they're relevant and you're not getting responses, try
rephrasing them.  If after that you're still not hitting pay dirt, you
might want to consider whether they are relevant, and perhaps you might
need some re-calibration?

Also bear in mind, almost everyone lurks and doesn’t post on the UKTC.
Alas, some long standing and knowledgeable posters have elected to not
bother anymore because of some of the contributors (recent losses likes
Glyn Thomas and Paul Muir immediately spring to mind).


Acer Ventura

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