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Subject: TPO query
From: Sean Davies
Date: Jan 07 2020 07:38:18
Good morning, I'll be grateful to pick the collective brains morning. I can 
remember historically the premise that tree preservation orders should be 
used to protect trees and not planning conditions. The general procedure 
being that if a tree is worthy of a tree preservation order it should be 
protected by conditions during development and then protected by tree 
preservation order.

Does anyone remember where it states that planning conditions should not be 
used to protect trees in perpetuity?

And just another question if a tree isn't worth the of a tree preservation 
order should it be protected by planning condition during development?

Sean Davies

Arboreal officer

Neighbourhood Services

T: 01623 XXXXXX


Mansfield District Council

Hermitage Lane Depot,




NG18 5GU

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