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Civil cases for nuisance or damage to property

Subject: Civil cases for nuisance or damage to property
From: AV Arboriculture
Date: Jan 11 2020 18:56:43
Has anyone ever heard of a civil case involving a tree causing nuisance or 
damage to property actually going to court? And if so, what was the outcome? 

I have a client who is being threatened with civil action because her tree is 
causing damage to her fence and slabs. The tree has been there longer than 
the landscaped garden. In my mind, the neighbour should be able to predict 
that any hard landscaping in that area is at risk of being damaged, so it it 
her responsibility? 

I would be really surprised if such spurious cases got any court time, 
especially as the courts are severely stretched like every other public 

Mike Charkow 

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