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FW: TPO/T&CPA exemptions

Subject: FW: TPO/T&CPA exemptions
Date: Jan 14 2020 13:34:09


From: <> 
Sent: 14 January 2020 09:58
Subject: TPO/T&CPA exemptions


Hi all,

           Similar question to one I asked last year relating to
contaminated ground, is anyone aware of an exemption that can be used for
carrying out works to removed contaminated soil around a TPO'd tree without
having to make a full TPO app and wait the 8 weeks and yes we have all the
required reports etc to demonstrate ground is contaminated etc, the area is
part of a garden, TO wants the client to demonstrate an exemption !! my
answer is Asbestos even though its in roofing sheet form is its asbestos and
my client has a duty of care as they know its there. Thoughts welcome.



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