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Terminology Tree graffiti or arborglyphs?

Subject: Terminology Tree graffiti or arborglyphs?
From: Wayne Tyson
Date: Feb 06 2020 05:02:22

Interesting that the authorities are creating a database of arborglyphs,
but are apparently uninterested in doing the same with other data.

I must confess that I prefer the "more euphonious (is it?) ablative in this
case. At least for graffiti of a certain age . . . But what happens to
miscreants that attack tree bark in the modern age? Are they miscreants or
scribes of history? Here in the US we lack appreciation for such works. A
tip o' me hat to the UK!

We do have some appreciation for some of our own that is a mere century or
two old, but we are largely hypocritical about newer creations. A worldwide

Yr. Ob't. Sv't.,

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