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how big do apple trees grow?

Subject: how big do apple trees grow?
From: Rupert Baker
Date: Feb 06 2020 13:58:59
I came across this splendid old Apple down in the South Hams whilst doing a
tree survey; to be fair it is actually two trees grown up together and
forming a common crown. It is 12m high overall (11KV line in top corner of
photo), and the smaller tree has a diameter of 76cm; the larger,
multistemmed one is 110cm at its base.  Unfortunately the TROBI website is
still down for the members area with the register in it; so I cannot see if
this is unusually large or not;  does anyone know how big apples can get?  -
Malus domestica rather than wild apple. Despite not having been pruned in
decades (if at all ) it had fruited last year; there were a few rotten ones
on the ground beneath it.




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