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Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] TPO over a TPO
From: Howe, Ron
Date: Feb 10 2020 14:14:57
We have a lot of trees that are covered both as an area and individually. I 
don't see a problem with such a belt and braces approach although, I would be 
personally inclined to revoke the old order when making a new individual tree 
specific one if both orders covered a similar sized area. But often they 
don't. Either way the application process is the same and free of course. 
There are also the cases where the old area order might not cover some of the 
newer trees, depending on the age of the order.

Ron Howe
Tree Officer (Planning)
Mole Valley District Council
Tel. 01306 XXX XXX

Please take a look at the new 2012 Tree Preservation Regulations, Exemptions 
and Guidance:

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Hi all, a bit of advice required if you don't mind.

I'm dealing with a case where we have a very large 50-year-old TPO covering 
around 20 hectares. Within it, there are individuals a few groups but mainly 

Recently, a development has taken place  and a new TPO consisting of 
individual trees has been made within an old area order. However, no notice 
has been made of revocation or alteration of an order, So I would imagine 
that the two orders exist side by side and in some parts on top of one 
another as some trees have been duplicated.

Is this right? In my mind you can't have two tpos on the same tree and 
individual orders overlaying an area order. I welcome the eventual 
clarification of the area into individual trees, but the area order still 
bubbling away in the background is a real confusion.

Any advice always appreciated


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