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TPO over a TPO

Subject: TPO over a TPO
From: Jon Heuch
Date: Feb 10 2020 15:45:51
From a professional or member of public point of view, the doubling up of
TPOs can turn a difficult situation into a nightmare. What's wrong with it?


i)                    Depending on the council, finding out whether a tree
is protected or not, can be difficult. UKTC has been here before & I haven't
updated my numbers but of 33 London Boroughs only 13 have interactive maps
which MAY be of use in determining whether a tree is protected or not.
Remember some councils have a map showing TPOs & then hope people to trawl
through a long list and maps of conservation areas to see if a tree is
within a conservation area.

ii)                   14 of the 33 London Boroughs have no online mapping
resource for protected trees, although at least two - Brent & Croydon - are
working on it. So it's over to emailing, or phoning.

iii)                 The phone is a risky and timely business: "Is there a
TPO?". Yes. What trees are protected?......pause. Uncertainty. Possibly some
sort of statement describing what is protected. This may be useful; it may
not be. If the tree doesn't have a postcode or address, the conversation may
be a complete waste of time.

iv)                 Some have a pdf list of TPOs which may partially assist
if the TPO is titled 15 Acacia Avenue and your property is known as 15
Acacia Avenue, but for larger TPOs the list is, well, just potentially

v)                   Or you could go to Basildon and Ashford, Kent, where
you really wonder if they ever thought through what life might be like for a
member of the public. Basildon's website provides a list : "This list
contains TPO's from 2002 onwards". Ashford Borough Council's website does a
much better job, but just for TPOs made after 1999. So you might find that a
tree is protected, but you can't be sure if it is not protected as in both
cases an older TPO may apply.

vi)                 So, the doubling up of TPOs? If the council provide
clear information on any request, it might be OK....but I've been through an
entire planning process (including appearing at the council chamber) and the
presence of a second TPO only came to light well downstream of planning
permission being granted. Luckily the very large sum spent on architects,
engineers & every body else wasn't affected by the additional TPO but it
would have been nice if the council officers had at least referred to it in
their reports. It's not just the public that can be caught out by such




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