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Re: [EXTERNAL] The cost of a single/group/area TP ?

Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] The cost of a single/group/area TP ?
From: ajheggie
Date: Feb 26 2020 17:14:04
On Wed, 26 Feb 2020 at 17:01, Howe, Ron <> wrote:

I would suggest that a TPO takes the equivalent of about two days to make
in time, in real terms ... site visit, plan preparation, drawing up model
order, Land Registry searches at £6 a throw, memos to admin, sending out
paper copies; in considering objections, committee report, signatures,
etc.. Not much difference between Area, Individual, Group or Woodland. Then
... you have to deal with applications at some point ... £300 to make a TPO

That's good going to assimilate all that's involved and then do the site
visit etc.

Also should the day's cost not include the officers oncost of premises and
administrative support as well as gross wage cost to the LA?


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