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Aims and Objectives of Tree Management

Subject: Aims and Objectives of Tree Management
From: Tom Thompson
Date: Feb 27 2020 17:03:04
Dear All

This is prompted by the recent discussion on the risk of harm or damage to
property from trees against the risk of commissioning tree work and the
inherent danger therein.

I was not thinking of the extremes that were highlighted but more the
marginal decisions and pose this question.

Is our aim/objective (or another descriptor to suit) to;

The better management of trees


To create a safer, healthier environment through the better management of

The former in my mind/experience leads to more tree pruning.
The latter more an assessment of the overall value of trees,
including ecosystem services etc.

Sincerely Tom

I S Tom Thompson (known as Tom) BSc (Hons) Arb, MSc eFor, MArborA

Principal Arboricultural Consultant
Arbor Cultural Ltd

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