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RE: Tree inspection systems

Subject: RE: Tree inspection systems
From: David Evans
Date: Feb 28 2020 13:12:53
<<Mike, I think you might find your answer in Acer's lengthy reply of 24th 

Hi Mike

As John points out, I've already answered this question but it stretches over 
a few posts.

Similarly the other points you raised.  To answer them is to repeat what has 
already been repeated a number of times.  Some of the forum have already had 
enough of our exchanges around this subject, and I think we should be mindful 
that this is an email-based forum.

One key point, which I've also mentioned many times.  Have a look at the 
subject header of this thread.  There's nothing I've written that's about 
Tree Inspection Systems.


Acer Ventura

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