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Re: [EXTERNAL] The cost of a single/group/area TP ?

Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL] The cost of a single/group/area TP ?
From: ajheggie
Date: Feb 29 2020 14:41:49
On Fri, 28 Feb 2020 at 11:13, Howe, Ron <> wrote:

I just thought I'd start the ball rolling. My estimate includes admin 
support sending out the letters, inputting the Order into the planning 
register etc. I can initiate an Order in a day then Gnomes and Minnions 
work magic in the back-ground. Some Orders take longer, some take less time 
... Objected Orders can consume around 4 - 5 days work ... trying to be 
realistic. Site visits can obviously be more in depth but we rarely do 
large sites. So I can go to site and plot a plan within the hour. Obviously 
there are delays in time such as trying to find a senior officer to sign 
the darn thing. But, the wonder of modern technology ... quite simple to 
put documents together ...

Thanks Ron

I hadn't realised it could be so cheap so it must be risk of
objections that puts TOs off reacting to 211 notices with a TPO. I'm
loosely involved with one at the moment were a garden designer for a
property in a conservation area seems to want to start with a clean
sheet which involves removing two nice yew trees, it's a shame and the
TO, the chap I work for and I think they should stay.

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