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Re: Tree mutilation or trimming?

Subject: Re: Tree mutilation or trimming?
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Mar 18 2020 10:47:24
It seems pretty unexceptionable to me too.
Unless your point is that sometimes, under certain circumstances, topping /is /the right (or rather the least wrong) thing to do  Which may be the case. But it's still harmful. Having said that, his statement that "Once decay has entered the branch stub, it progresses into the main trunk, hollowing out and eventually killing the tree." is perhaps something of a falsehood; while "...a topped tree will re-grow to its original height faster than a tree that has received proper pruning" may be not entirely on the nail under most circumstances.
But they don't nullify his overall argument.

On 18/03/2020 08:36, BENJAMIN FUEST ( wrote:
  Is there a point to your request, or is this a retorical question?

     On Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 01:37:55 GMT, Wayne Tyson 
<> wrote:
Is there anything false in this article. If so, what is it?



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