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Re: The Pros and Cons of Planting Trees to Address Global Warming

Subject: Re: The Pros and Cons of Planting Trees to Address Global Warming
From: ajheggie
Date: Mar 23 2020 14:56:17
On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 at 14:44, Jerry Ross <> wrote:

Andrew - your point is well taken: the claim made by Professor Healey in
an article in the Observer (" Indigenous species do not grow fast
enough, so imports will have to be planted in their millions to offset
emissions, expert warns" - )  is based on terms of
production optimisation but is of extremely doubtful relevance to carbon
storage, especially when taking into account the carbon costs of
harvesting, processing and transport, not forgetting those involved in
the manufacture of the plant and machinery required for all those processes.
As Ted Green says "Quality versus quantity for our future treescape and
biodiversity please. Pit plant an open-grown tree that may last 400 to
500 years soaking up the carbon".
Hence wood pasture.

Jerry I was trying to point out the theory of maximising continuous
yield. There are many reasons for wanting to maintain a 500 year old
oak, especially compared with a 45 year old corsican pine felled to
make pallets which rot away in some farmer's field within 5 years.


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