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Re: Living with beauty

Subject: Re: Living with beauty
From: Jerry Dicker
Date: Apr 09 2020 08:50:20
Thanks for this, Ben

Jerry D

On 07/04/2020 15:25, Ben Rose wrote:
Here is something positive:

A report from the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission

Its quite long but if you search for the word 'trees' you get to the good 
bits, like Page 105:

"Put simply, green is good for us, as Natural England argued in their evidence to 
us. The presence of greenery in the urban environment normally has a positive impact on 
our mental and our physical health. Street trees seem particularly important. They are 
associated with cleaner air, slower cars, fewer accidents. They provide shade in hot 
summers. And, perhaps astonishingly given the complexity of human life, street trees 
have a measurable effect on human health even taking into account income, age and 

and page 106:

"We therefore conclude that government and local government should embark on an ambitious, even 
visionary, programme to plant urban trees and re-green our towns and cities. This is both right and 
aligned with the government’s aim of eradicating the UK’s net carbon contribution by 


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