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Re: Best hedging gauntlets?

Subject: Re: Best hedging gauntlets?
From: Jerry Ross
Date: May 18 2020 15:58:48
As someone said on Arbtalk, use someone else's, with their hands inside them! But I've found heavy duty welding gloves to be pretty effective as long as you don't need to do anything too fiddly! And they do vary. Basically you need ones that are so thick that you can't move your fingers.

But these look good - (" EN388 puncture resistance 3")
as do these ; although they do leave your wrists exposed

On 18/05/2020 16:15, Bettina Broadway-Mann wrote:
Hello all,
hope you are well and keeping safe.

A general question for the collective mind -

What would you recommend as the best gauntlets to buy for dealing with
brambles, hawthorn, blackthorn etc?

I have tried supposed hedging gauntlets, hawking gloves, professional
gardening gauntlets and welders gauntlets - all are effective at keeping
the thorns out, but only to a degree.

Can anyone recommend a sure-fire glove that does actually prevent you being

all the best

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