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Re: Walnut tip damage

Subject: Re: Walnut tip damage
From: Tahir
Date: May 19 2020 12:51:55
Squirrels are doing a great job at planting oaks, they're popping up everywhere but have yet to find any squirrel planted chestnuts or walnuts


On 19/05/2020 13:24, Bill Anderson wrote:
No nuts Tahir? The squirrels will be disappointed...
That aside the frost around here last Thursday was savage, and strangely
the Fig behind my office which is on a south facing wall  was untouched,
although some stray twigs that stuck out from the wall about a metre and a
half, were nipped. (So possibly not strange at all.) Elsewhere, I had a
message from one of the local fraternity, querying something that
sounds very much like frost damage on Oak, Ash, and the bracken below.
Possibly in a hollow that would make a nice frost pocket.
Last summer's disease Paul, was probably some sort of scab. Walnuts round
here get it fairly regularly and look sick as anything by summer's end.
Might be Venturia sp.
PS Jerry; enjoyed your piece on Poplars in the AA mag. If you're organising

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