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Re: Walnut tip damage

Subject: Re: Walnut tip damage
From: Tahir
Date: May 20 2020 07:59:59
Little buggers. Did anyone see Primates, the best bit was the macacques slapping the squirrel. I could watch that on loop.

So what's planting my oaks? And why won't it plant hazels, chestnuts, walnuts or pine nuts?


On 19/05/2020 21:49, Rupert Baker wrote:
Hi Bill, in general grays do do that; and take hazel whilst its still green, 
so much less viable.
Useless sodding creatures....

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Somebody put me right on this please, but I thought Squirrels nibbled a bit 
off acorns to stop them germinating? Jays are better at acorn planting than 

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