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Re: Walnut tip damage

Subject: Re: Walnut tip damage
From: Tahir
Date: May 20 2020 18:04:47
I was just tidying up some self seeded trees round the bases of the pine nuts today and in amongst the elders, oaks and hornbeam were 2 sweet chestnut. The nearest sweet chestnut we have are 2 fields away, at least 500 mtrs so they must have been carried by something. Wonder what...


On 20/05/2020 14:49, Rupert Baker wrote:
Hi Tahir,
        Full the full gen, read Frans Vera, 'Grazing Ecology & Forest 
History' (ISBN 0-85199-442-3) - he considers that jays and oaks co-evolved; lot 
of controversy about his ideas, with some become passionate believers, and others 
calling the former 'Vera Groupies'
Its nice to keep an open mind....

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