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Talking of laurels and cyanide...

Subject: Talking of laurels and cyanide...
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Jun 26 2020 08:51:58
... here's one for the vets amongst you.
A pig enclosure with several cherry laurels in it, currently with few or no low leaves as they've be 'pruned. so they're more tree- than shrub-like. Hazardous to the pigs or not? Would they eat the bark, fallen leaves or fruits, or indeed foliage that regrows? And if so, would it do them any harm? (Or just produce pre-seasoned pork?)

On 26/06/2020 09:15, Simon Pryce Arboriculture wrote:
The Roman emperor one could set off an argument, they are referred to as laurels, but were bay.

I once met a family who thought their cherry laurel was a bay and used the leaves for cooking - they gave the custard a nice almondy flavour - that would be the cyanide.


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