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Re: Talking of laurels and cyanide...

Subject: Re: Talking of laurels and cyanide...
From: Simon Pryce Arboriculture
Date: Jun 26 2020 10:51:08
A lot of animals won't browse growing foliage but will eat it from cut or fallen branches, it must be due to the effect of it wilting.  My dad was a vet and said yew was one of the worst for this.  It's interesting about Bettina's neighbour's animals, but sheep do seem to have a death wish sometimes.  There is enough in laurel leaves to use them in insect killing jars.

Pheasants will scoff whole yew berries with no evident harm, but I wouldn't like to guess whether they are any smarter than sheep.

As for pigs the flavour of most prunus fruit is due to small amounts of cyanide and American peach fed ham must involve feeding the porkers large quantities of them, probably stones and all.


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